Our Community Involvement

Surrounded by three major metropolitan areas, Nashville, Chattanooga, and Huntsville, Alabama, our Tullahoma community is well-educated and progressive. We do our best to help that community grow through ongoing charity work and support.

We work with a number of nonprofits and local religious organizations that are aligned with our own small-town spirit. Here’s how we make a difference.

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Hit a Deer – Get a Turkey

Now through November 26th

Living in the south has its perks and its challenges. Once such challenge involves frequent deer encounters on the road, which can be very stressful. To help mitigate the stress, we’ve created a charitable “Hit a deer, get a turkey!” special that we run on an annual basis.

In the unfortunate case you do hit a deer and you need car repairs, we’ll fix your vehicle, give you a $25 gift certificate, and donate the same amount to a charity you pick.

Hit a deer get a turkey

Boxey Blue

Every child deserves a beautiful Christmas, and the Rodney’s Body Shop team has always wanted to spread joy. During the Christmas season, we travel to local elementary schools to give youngsters a chance to send their letters to Santa Claus.

Athletics Programs

Here at Rodney’s Body Shop, we believe it’s important to inspire our local youth to stay active. That’s why we’ve actively sponsor the Tullahoma City School athletics programs as well as other athletic programs in our community.

Athletics Programs

Tullahoma Soap Box Derby

We’ve been supporting and taking part in the famous Tullahoma Soap Box Derby races for 18 years and counting! This non-profit organization helps us support all the community and family values we stand for, as well.

Get in Touch

We call Tullahoma home, and we do our best to make our community the best it can be. Whether it’s giving back to those in need, giving underprivileged children an opportunity to have a Christmas, or letting kids write Santa letters, we want to help however we can, so don’t hesitate to reach out!